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Dark Moon Rising Group

Lights in the Dark

Your Darkness is Your Gift

How do you feel about depression?

Is it something you dread, you fear, that you hate?

How do you feel about darkness?

The unknown?


The underworld?


I think if we are all honest, we have some fears around all of these things. Most of us have grown up in societies that have taught us to fear and dislike things associated with ‘darkness.’

At one point in human history, all of these things were embraced.  People were in tune with darkness, understood sexuality as a deeply healing practice, would see mourning or sadness as a transformational rite of passage, and saw death as a time for healing and regeneration.

This was thousands of years ago, when god was seen as the goddess. When goddesses were worshipped on the tops of mountains and women were seen as deeply wise. When menstruation was seen as a time of deep psychic intuition and revered as a blessed time.

I believe many of the problems that we see today are due to the repression of the feminine. The repression of our ‘dark’ sides. The fact alone that dark has been associated with bad or evil has contributed to the denial of necessary parts of ourselves. 

If we can uncover the ‘darkness’ within us, and embrace it and love it so fully, then we can become fully whole.

I believe the more people that become fully whole, the more the Earth can heal. The more people that step into their true full power, the more people we will have championing the Earth, balancing society, supporting and loving each other. It will take bravery. Strength. And wise radical action to get there.

This group will be a journey, a process, that you will take with others towards accepting your darkness. You can hear how others are handling the process while sharing your own story. You will be supported by two healing practitioners holding space and eight others in the group. We select who enters the group carefully to ensure more safety within the container.

If you are feeling drawn towards this, schedule a call today to ask more questions and to receive a more detailed outline of the group guidelines and structure. We hope you will join us for this journey!

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Get in Touch with Yourself Again

Do you feel like you are always trying to heal but haven't found long lasting results? Have you tried therapy long term but still haven't found the root of your problems? With 1:1 coaching you will receive my undivided attention and we will dive deep together. We will go at your pace and I continually check-in with you throughout the process.

This is about YOU and uncovering your true essence. I want to help you discover what your internal messages are by helping you to ground, breathe, and relax while exploring any pain or discomfort you have in your life or body for clues about what steps you should take next for deeper alignment with your true self.

I will help you get clear on what you desire and what is standing in the way of you achieving that. 

In order to make room for new creations in your life, the old must be cleared out. How do you do this? By feeling through your emotions of the old creation you'd like to rid yourself of.

I will teach you how to consciously feel through your layers of emotions so that you no longer create patterns that do not serve you.

We work in a 3-5 month container together meeting every other week for 90 minutes. No BS. We get straight to the point so that you can heal and blossom more fully. I will give you exercises and homework so you can engage in an active healing process with yourself, while I'm there to support you along the way.

Reach out today for a free 15 minute discovery call to see if this is the right fit for you.

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