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I have ten years of experience working 1:1 with people and seven years of experience as a psychotherapist. I have recently made the switch from therapist to Spiritual Coach because it gives me more freedom to create different structures of healing for my clients (read more about this in my blog titled 'From Therapist to Coach'). 

Since my father passed away in my early 20s, I have deeply and actively searched for relief and understanding about life. Through psychology, shamanism, therapy, meditation, natural healing, etc I have found profound answers that I want to share with others.

Your darkness can be your gift. It is possible to change your perspective towards yourself so that you are able to self-heal using your conscious energy. This is your power as human. I understand what it's like to feel powerless, stuck, and deeply depressed. I feel for you. And I believe in your power to heal.

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About Me: About Me
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